• Competition

    We have a competitive level of play with a value for excellence and sportsmanship.
  • Culture

    Diversity matters so each team has a wide range of ages and backgrounds.
  • Community

    We have a family friendly atmosphere that goes beyond soccer, providing a safe place to talk about life and God.


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About Our Men's League

Welcome to Fox Valley Soccer League hosted by Vineyard Church of Elgin. (Formerly the Home of New Hope Soccer League)

Fox Valley Soccer League is a men's soccer league established in 2007 by a community church in order to provide men in our area with a quality league to compete and build community. As an extension of Elgin Vineyard, the league serves the community by offering a natural bridge of relationship to God and other people. We live in a culture of isolation where people naturally feel separated from God and one another, so the soccer league promotes not only sport and recreation, but also relationship and community. We aim to be a different kind of league.



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