Mens league

From Isolation to Community

We want to bring men together to find community and competition with a culture that embraces our differences and allows us an opportunity to learn more about faith as we share the field together.

Unlike most leagues, we give you the flexibility to register as:

  1. An Individual. We will add you and other new players to a team.
  2. With Friends. Note your friends and we’ll place you on the same team.
  3. A Team. If you have a full squad, great. Have your whole team sign up and list the captain/team name.


Our Men’s Spring-Summer League starts the last weekend in April ending with playoffs in early-mid July. Games are Sunday afternoons 12pm-6pm starts at  New Community Park in South Barrington.

Our Men’s Summer Futsal Cage League during July/August. 

Connecting through soccer

Phil Mariotti

Sitting on the train during college, I ran into a childhood friend.  We got to talking about life and realized that we both had a common thread all these years later.  We both enjoyed the game of soccer and we both were passionate about our Christian faith. We started to think about how life tends to move more and more towards isolation as we age and how we hadn’t seen each other for so many years. 

Before long, we started to talk about soccer as a way to connect and build a sense of community. From there the foundations of the Fox Valley Soccer League was born. We went to our local church for support and found that they too were willing to back this idea.  That was 2007, and the foundation is still the same. Connect men to community with some competition, and provide a platform to discuss how life and faith intersect.

We’ve met a lot of men throughout the years, and many of them have spent time on our fields finding exactly what we hoped they’d find all those years ago.  We still love this game that brings men from all walks of life together.

– Phil Mariotti, Commissioner